Synopsis Korean Drama “Shut Up! Flower Boy Band”

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Eye Candy

Sung Joon as as Kwon Ji Hyuk
L (Kim Myung Soo) as Lee Hyun Soo
Lee Hyun Jae as Jang Do Il
Kim Min Sook as Seo Kyung Jong

Yoo Min Kyu as Kim Ha Jin
Lee Min Ki as Joo Byung Hee (cameo, ep 1-2)

Strawberry Fields

Jung Ui Chul as Yoo Seung Hoon
Kwak Jung Wook as Jung Maro
Kim Hyun Joon as Park Pyo Joo

Supporting Cast

Jo Bo Ah as Im Soo Ah
Kim Ye Rim as Kim Ye Rim
Kim Jung Min as Bang Woo Kyung
Jung Ji Ahn as Jo Deo Mi
Ma Dong Suk as Teacher
Dong Hyun Bae (동현배) as Sharkpa boss
Kim C as Rock Kim

This time, i’ll post a synopsis of a Korean drama that i’ve finished watch lately. Yup, this drama entitled “Shut Up! Flower Boy Band”. Why is it called flower boy band?? Because this band is made up of the handsome man . This band called “Eye Candy” which consisting are 6 members. They are Lee Byung Hee, Kwon Ji Hyuk, Lee Hyun Soo, Jang Do Il, Seo Kyung Jong and Kim Ha Jin.

One day they were transferred into the prestigious Jungsang High School. In this school they meet with their rival band “Strawberry Fields”.  Yup, this band which consisting are Yoo Seung Hoon, Jung Maro and Pyo Joo. A lot of  fighting going on between “Eye Candy” and “Strawberry Fields”.

Someday unbeknownst by other members of Eye Candy, Byung Hee plans to include his band into  the rock band festival. He also started writing a song inspired by the figure of Im Soo Ah, a girl who went to same schoo with him. Byung hee unintentionally met with Soo Ah. Since first saw it , Byung Hee feel Soo Ah is his inspiration in writing song. However, Byung Hee haven’t gotten around to carry out his intention, he has gone forever due to a car accident happened after byung hee had fights with Pyo Joo. Because of this incident, members of Eye Candy felt off will a figure of a leader that so good .

One day, Ji Hyuk accidentally discovered the brochure rock bands festival and he plans on continuing desire Byung Hee who has not yet been achieved. However, who thought if the Strawberry Fields also had followed such a race?? Consequently , fighting and problems back arise between this band.

The story gets complicated when Soo Ah which is a childhood friend of Seung Hoon had to move alone into a rented house because financial condition of her father. Who thought if the next door neighbor Soo Ah is Ji Hyuk? Since neighborly with Ji Hyuk, relationship of Soo Ah and Ji Hyuk is getting familiar until rise to jealousy of Seung Hoon. As time passed any feeling of affection arising between Soo Ah and Ji Hyuk. Then how is the story of love triangle between them? And can the Eye Candy that won the contest against Strawberry Fields? If you’re curious, there is no harm if you watch this drama . With a total of 16 episodes will take you on a story of friendship, relationships and passion of music. The story in this drama is really good and interesting to watch.  In addition, many of the meanings that we can take from this drama .

That’s the brief synopsis that i can share to readers on this blog. Thank you for reading this posting and commenting on my blog . See you in the next post .



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